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Our Mold Services in Treasure Coast


Removing Mold Damage

We know the proper and safe way to remove mold damaged materials from your home or office. When needed we’ll create containment areas and wear protective gear. This protects you and your family.


Emergency Water Damage Restoration

We provide water damage removal services. We remove wet flooring, wet carpet, wet drywall, ceilings, cabinets, and other materials as needed.  We leave a clean slate for your contractor to rebuild.


Moisture Detection Services

We use special equipment to detect and test for moisture levels in materials and the air in your home.  We use this information to locate mold behind walls or in spaces that are not visible or easily accessible.

Water Extraction & Flood

We have extraction equipment and expertise to pump out standing water from your home or business in case of flood leak, overflow or backup. We’ll work fast because you don’t have time to waste!

Mold Inspections

Our technicians will inspect your attic, crawlspace, closets, cabinets and living spaces for signs of mold.  We’ll also test for moisture and other signs that there might be a serious issue or problem in the space. We inspect for homeowners, realtors, and property managers.

Mold Treatment

As part of the mold remediation process, we apply anti-microbial treatments to the surfaces to discourage mold from growing again.  We’ll use commercial strength solutions and industry standard application methods.


We remove moisture from your home using powerful dehumidifiers and we drain the moisture out of the materials and air in your home or office. We dry to IICRC standards for your protection.

Dryout Service

We will dispatch a crew right away and we’ll set up the proper equipment to get your dry as quickly as possible.  Some materials will have to be removed and discarded but some materials might be salvaged.

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The Importance of Hiring a Residential Mold Removal Company

Mold is known to spread very fast around the home and commercial properties. The fungi are a reason for alarm since they are known to cause dire health concerns such as asthma attack, dermatitis, and hay fever. In addition to the health issues, the mold may interfere with your drainage system. Your drainage pipes may block, and you may find it difficult to control leakages. A sewage leak may be very devastating to the occupants of your premise. If you don’t do something, things may get out of hand. To remove the dreadful microbes efficiently, you need to hire a licensed mold removal company to help you out. Our company boasts of years of mold removal and water damage experience, and you can call us. Before we look at the services that we offer, it’s important to first look at the mistakes that you should avoid.

Mold Removal Mistakes to Avoid

1. Removing mold is not a DIY project. You may have noticed that mold remediation is not easy. Opting to remove the mold on your own may make the situation worse. We have experienced situations where clients confess that they tried to eradicate the mold with the standard cleaning procedures, only to make the mold spread faster. The problem with most mold cleaning products is that they are inefficient. You may spend a lot of money on the cleaning solution and still fail to remove the mold.

2. Household products may not be strong enough. As a company, we have access to proven antifungal products that are efficient in mold control. In addition to helping you mitigate the growth and spread of the mold, we offer you preventive measures against mold damage. The other common mistake is seen in the clearing of mildew. Unlike dry rot, clearing mildew requires you to remove the moisture on the surface that you are cleaning. A majority of people end up spreading the mildew spores since they fail to first remove the moisture.

3. You can spread mold by trying to wipe or vacuum it. The spores allow the mold to spread uncontrollably. If the fungi develop to become black mold, this is detrimental to your building and may be expensive to remove. Hiring a mold removal company allows you to control such mess. We come with efficient mold remediation tools to successfully dry the surface so as to prevent the spread of the spores. We apply negative pressure to isolate and remove the mold.

4. Lastly, most homeowners use air conditioners to try to remove mold. Equipment that blows air throughout the house is not ideal for mold remediation. The spores are airborne, and the moment you blow them, you necessitate their spread. Doing so exposes the occupants of your house to serious respiratory issues and allergies. The air conditioning equipment will not even help with the deodorization as the bad smell will continue to linger in the premise.


Hiring Treasure Coast Mold Pros assures you of the following benefits:


1. Thorough Mold Removal and Cleaning

We have expert knowledge to help you remove the mold completely. In addition to removing the molded materials, we clean the surfaces of the studs and wipe them down with anti-microbial solutions. We don’t take chances with your home; we take all the control and preventive approaches to eradicate the mold from your premise. Even though there are always some mold spores in the air, and it’s not possible to achieve a 100% clearance, we take all measures to return your property to acceptable and safe levels.

2. Maintain Safe Conditions During Mold Removal Process

Mold causes health concerns due to the toxins present in their spores. If you opt to scrape the mold off, you may release the spores to the air, and they may interfere with your respiratory system.  We have the most advanced equipment and containment procedures for handling the mold. We ensure that the spores are not released into the air in the rest of the home so that you stay safe.

3. Reduction and Prevention of Mold Spread

During an improper cleanup process, the spores may escape into the air and spread throughout the house. This is common when untrained or unlicensed individuals attempt cleaning procedures. In fact, most DIY cleaners are known to leave behind the mold spores which may enter your HVAC system. The air conditioning and heating system provide suitable conditions for the growth of the mold. We use proper containment procedures, negative air pressure and we do a thorough cleaning with effective microbial solutions to limit the spread of the fungi.

4. Identifying the Source

Cleaning the mold from your house is always great, but it’s even greater when you discover the origin of the problem. Hiring a mold removal company gives you the advantage of knowing the source of the mold. This will help you prevent it from recurring.


24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

If you’re experiencing a water damage emergency, we’re on duty.  Call now to get help.  We offer fast service for rentals, houses and offices.

Expert Mold Remediation Services

We work with only licensed technicians and we’ll dispatch them to your home or business for an inspection or mold removal right away.

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