Annual Events in  Vero Beach

What To Do in Vero Beach

From boating to kayak tours and candy cane races, Vero Beach in Florida is home to all sorts of festivities. If the water sports scare you, there are varieties of seafood to enjoy, including clams and fried shrimp. We provide a calendar for the annual events in Vero Beach Florida to help you plan well for this year’s events

Grant Seafood Festival

On 2nd and 3rd March, each year seafood lovers get an opportunity to celebrate their delicacies at Grant, Florida which is just north of Vero Beach, Florida. On 2nd March 2019 curtains will be raised for the opening of the 53rd annual celebrations. Menus on the material days include fried shrimps, crab cakes, and conch fritters. The event is so vast that it draws over 45,000 seafood lovers together. When not eating or drinking, participants are busy enjoying music from the 100+ craft show vendors who grace the occasion.

ShrimpFest & Craft Brew Hullabaloo

The three-day event is held on March 16Th — 18Th every year on Sebastian, Florida. Participants get the opportunity to celebrate shrimps; America’s most cherished seafood. All-natural shrimp is served in various recipes alongside other non-sea foods and kid-friendly foods. The 2019 event will involve fundraising in support of youth sports within the North Indian River County. All are encouraged to attend the 3-day fun-packed event.

McKee Fairies

April 6, 2019, will be a great family day at the McKee Botanical Gardens alongside 350 US Highway 1, Vero Beach. The decorated botanical garden will be temporarily transformed to a wonderland for fairies and pirates. Children and adults spend their time building fairy houses, dancing on a maypole, or participating in treasure hunts. Other activities include fairy manicures, face painting, and traditional crafts. Gates will be open from 10 am to 1 pm.

Water Lily Celebration

All roads will once more lead to McKee Botanical Garden on June 16th for the annual Waterlily Celebration. Attendees will be treated to a spectacular display of waterlilies in their full bloom. Other events include the sale of plants as well as vintage garden accessories. Guests will also have the opportunity to interact one on one with plant specialists. All questions on the lotus, water lilies, or plants, in general, will be expertly answered.

Sebastian Lionfish Fest

Sea enthusiasts have the opportunity to showcase their conservation efforts during the Sebastian Lionfish Fest on June 23, 2019. The event is held to create awareness on the dangerous, invasive fisher and help save endangered ecosystems. Participants will gather at Capt Hiram’s for activities such as cook-off, lionfish tournament, and live entertainment.