Learning About Port St Lucie

A coastal city of southern Florida, Port St. Lucie is actually the 8th largest urban area in Florida and has 179 thousand residents. The mayor of the city is Gregory J. Orvec, who has served since 2014. The city covers 120 square miles of urban and suburban sprawl and is located in the county of the same name. It is located 50 miles from West Palm Beach and sits between Miami and Orlando.

Learning About Port St Lucie, FL

Florida is known for hot real estate and rapid development. In the 1950s, much of the land now home to Port St. Lucie was more rural. Local attractions were limited to a busy fishing camp, a few citrus farms, and businesses that lacked any concentration. The General Development Cooperation changed this in 1958 who awarded $50 million to develop a new city.

The new development was centered initially on the North Fork of the St. Lucie River, hence the name of the town. A lot of advertisement was created to attract businesses, home builders, and of course residents who wanted a piece of suburbia in the land of beaches and sunshine. The city continued to grow and tripled in size during the 1980s. No longer a suburban lot, the city is now mature and follows liberal politics.

Exploring The Features of St. Lucie County

Even today, the city of Port St. Lucie has never lost its sense of newness and sunshine optimism. The city continues to attract people because of its relatively low rate of crime as well as the housing market and the abundant accommodations for pedestrians. Right off the interstate highway are many shopping centers and amusement parks. Consider visiting the Florida Mall and outlets in Vero Beach Outlets and Palm Beach.

The city is within easy driving distance of Universal Resort, Walt Disney World in Orlando, and Seaworld. A local attraction is the Elliot Museum. It features many pieces of artwork, many of them classic vehicles. Imagine a place where paintings and sculptures are displayed alongside a collection of old trucks and boats.

There are also many parks and gardens in Port St. Lucie. One is the Botanical gardens of the city’s name, and another is the Environmental Education Center in the Savannas Preserve State Park. Imagine a large stretch of coast that is preserved in its natural state. It is possible to hike or fish in a lot of well-preserved inlets and ponds as long as the explorer does not might a swampy environment.

The area also offers some gorgeous neighborhoods and new homes.  So whether you’re visiting or looking for  place to settle down, check out our city.