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Mold Services in Palm City

Palm City Mold Removal Contractors for residential and commercial property.

Mold Removal

Taking out all contaminated materials is paramount to proper mold removal.  This may include drywall, carpet and padding, wood flooring,    cabinets, curtains, furniture and other materials.

Visual Inspections

If you’re not sure whether you have mold or not, have us come out to complete an inspection.  We can detect moisture and mold in places that you can’t easily inspect.

Mold Abatement Treatment

Mold treatment is part of our remediation process and involves using the proper commercial solutions.  Our solutions are more effective than bleach, borax and other home remedies.

Water Damage

Before there is a mold problem, most homeowners face a water intrusion or leak.  We are experienced at water damage removal as well. Call us before mold has a chance to grow.

Water Extraction

We have the equipment to remove large amounts of water from your home, office, warehouse or restaurant.  Common problems include appliance failures, leaks, overflows and burst pipes.

Moisture Detection and Drying

We can measure the moisture in your home or office.  This includes the air and conventional building materials.  If moisture levels are too high, we have the dehumidifiers, air movers and dryers to remove the moisture fast.
We have the equipment required to complete the job effectively, whether dealing with flooded wall cavities, wet cabinets, under cabinet wetness as well as drying any material around the building. All building, whether commercial or residential, has a variety of surfaces and materials, due to which there are different absorption rates. This affects the rate at which the material will suck up and release water via its established drying chambers. Mechanical methods must be used to remove water once it gets inside a chamber.

Our company utilizes a combination of heat, air filtration, air movement, and dehumidifiers to establish a drying system, which is extremely effective for structures of all types. A balanced process, involving several foundational steps, is necessary to remove water entirely from a building.

Water extraction
This process involves removing water from the property while it is still in its liquid state. The process is more efficient than using dehumidification and evaporation process to remove water once the structure is soaked. Water extraction equipment is initially costlier. However, this provides the best outcome for drying structures swiftly when standing water is involved.

Water and flood pumps
Flood pumps are employed during this phase of recovery. Designed specifically for the restoration industry, these pumps are light in weight, simple to maintain, and easy to maneuver. They can suck out nearly 10 gallons of water per minute, and discharge it via a standard garden hose.

Upon physical removal of the maximum volume of water, the remaining moisture from the building materials is evaporated via airflow machines. Airflow process is required to hasten the evaporation rate versus normal drying techniques.

The dehumidification process is used to remove the residual moisture and water post extracting the bulk of the water. Desiccant dehumidification has proven to be a efficient and rapid technique, to manage and lower humidity levels from the building and its contents. Injecting high volumes of very dry air inside the building removes trapped moisture.

Dehumidifiers are used to prevent secondary damage by counterbalancing the moisture in the air during the evaporation process. Sans dehumidification, the other materials would soak up the extra moisture generated, encouraging the growth of mold, and delaying the drying process.

Drying and dryout process
To increase the rate of evaporation, and get back the building to normal quickly, we use a combination of equipment. In addition, we use specialized drying equipment for wooden floors, designed to dry floors to their previous condition. The drying time depends on the extent of the damage. This process eliminates the need for refinishing and sanding the floor.

We know the stress caused by unforeseen damages to your commercial or residential property, and needs immediate attention. Therefore, we are available at any time of the day or night, to secure your property and keep its contents safe. Our aim is to provide the best protection possible to ease your concerns about further damage.

Moisture detection and dehumidifiers
We employ the latest in technology and the appropriate equipment to dry materials when it comes to dehumidifiers and air movers. To evaluate the damage and monitor the drying process, we use a wide range of moisture detection equipments. Man y of our projects use heat assisted drying to provide industry leading results. Using high heat ensures significant reduction of the drying time. Expect a drying period of three days for the majority of projects irrespective of how wet they are.

Dehumidification and drying
The dehumidifier is the base of the structural drying system. Precise dehumidification requires that the crew use Psychorometrics principles to achieve efficient and effective drying. All the members of our team have extensive experience in drying your building. This prevents problems in the future with hazards such as mold. We use the most finely tuned and advanced equipment available. Altered and portable air conditioning units are prime examples of refrigerant dehumidifiers, commonly used by the drying and dehumidification industry.

Our experienced technicians will visit your property on a daily basis to check for relative and structure humidity once the drying equipment has been set up. This ensures drying of your property as expected. Relative humidity is around 50 percent in occupied premises. This percentage of relative humidity could increase quite a lot after damage by water, when the water evaporates.

We will use our specialized moisture detection meter to show the percentage of moisture to the property owner, if the property is at or below the guidelines as specified by the IICRC dry standards. We shall remove this meter after demonstrating to the owner that the dry standard has been reached.

We view drying as a science of movement of air, temperature, and humidity. You need trained and experienced professionals to dry water affected materials accurately. Contact us today if your commercial or residential property requires mold removal services and process professionals.

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We service the following communities in Palm City: Lighthouse Point, SW Martin Hwy, SW Bimini circle and Town Center neighborhoods.

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With a population of over 23,000, Palm City is a part of the Port St Lucie Metro Area.  It is an unincorporated area located in Martin County and is protected by almost 400 law enforcement personnel.  Fire protection is provided by Station 21 of the Martin County Fire Rescue.  She neighborhoods in Palm City include Bay Pointe, Canoe Creek, Copperleaf, Danforth, Hammock Creek Estates, Hunters Creek, La Mariposa Monarch Country club, Palm Cove Golf and Yacht Club, Sawgrass Villas, Tiburon, and Windstone.

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