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Smelling something unusual?
Sick all the time?
Recent leak or overflow?
You might have a mold problem.

Mold Company in Port St. Lucie

 We can inspect, treat and remove mold in residential and commercial properties in and near Port Saint Lucie, Florida or Jupiter or Jensen.


Mold Removal

Taking out all contaminated materials is paramount to proper black mold removal.  This may include drywall, carpet and padding, wood flooring,    cabinets, curtains, furniture and other materials.


Mold Inspections

If you’re not sure whether you have mold or not, have us come out to complete a home inspection.  We can detect moisture and mold in places that you can’t easily inspect. Testing for indoor air quality may be needed.  


Abatement Treatment

Mold treatment is part of our remediation process and involves using the proper commercial solutions.  Our solutions are more effective than bleach, borax and other home remedies. Mold presents a serious health risk so don’t delay.

Water Damage Removal

Before there is a black mold problem, most homeowners face a water intrusion, flood water or leak.  We are experienced in flood water damage removal as well. Call us before the mold spores have a chance to grow in your bathroom or building.


Water Extraction

We have the equipment to remove large amounts of water from your home, office, warehouse or restaurant.  Common problems include appliance failures, leaks, overflows and burst pipes.


Moisture Detection and Drying

We can measure the moisture in your home or office.  This includes the air and conventional building materials.  If moisture levels are too high, we have the dehumidifiers, air movers and dryers to remove the moisture fast.

Our Process: From Water Damage Removal to Mold Remediation

Unwanted moisture can cause all sorts of problems in both commercial and residential spaces. Moisture from leaks under cabinets, floods that reach wall cabinets, soggy carpets, and wet ceilings are all perfect breeding grounds for mold. These have to be dealt with promptly to minimize the damage and save the property. It is a complicated job that requires specialized equipment and expert knowledge. Call us at 772-252-6362 for an inspection and estimate.

A complete drying system must be able to combine air movement, dehumidification, and air filtration in the right amounts. Every case will require these at varying levels depending on the size of the spaces, the extent of the water intrusion, and so on. Complete removal of water requires several steps in a logical progression.

Water Extraction

Quick action is necessary to get to the area while the water remains in liquid state and has not yet soaked through most of the materials. It is much easier and faster to extract standing water in large amounts than to try to coax out deeply embedded moisture through dehumidification and evaporation. Water extraction equipment is worth every penny.

Among the most effective equipment in water removal is flood pumps. They are capable of extracting as much as ten gallons of water per minute. Rooms can be cleared in no time at all thanks to these restoration tools. They are designed to be lightweight, portable, and easy to maneuver.

Evaporation and Air Movers

The extraction of most of the water from the flooded area is only the beginning. The remaining moisture must be dealt with, or else mold and other issues can develop. Airflow machines are typically placed in the affected rooms in an attempt to speed up the evaporation rate. Dry air gets pumped all over the structure to draw out moisture trapped inside the building materials.

Dehumidification, Drying, and Dryout Services

Another technique to remove any residual moisture is to use dehumidifiers. The level of humidity in an entire building goes way up after flooding. The process of dehumidification helps to lower this to an acceptable level using desiccants. It has been shown to be quite fast and efficient. We run drain lines to outside the property.

Dehumidifiers are also used to balance out the effects of evaporation. The moisture that evaporates into the air needs to be dealt with to avoid having any unintended damage such as mold growth. Dehumidification also prevents the water content in the air from being soaked by other materials in a room.

Time is of the essence. Workers are always racing against the clock as the amount of damage tends to rise with every minute that the water remains. Using professional equipment makes the drying process so much faster than manual means.

Moisture Detection and Dehumidifiers

The use of proper equipment for each step is crucial. Leaning on the most advanced technology is also vital as the boosts in efficiency are substantial. In addition, the team uses devices that can detect moisture as a means of monitoring the progress and evaluating the damage sustained. Heat may also be utilized to speed up the drying process whenever suitable. This will reduce the drying time. Clients can expect most projects to require at least 3 days.

A systematic drying process within a structure will rely heavily on the dehumidifier. This step is not as simple as turning on the machine and leaving it for a set period. There is a science behind it that professionals need to master. Years of field experience also helps in decision-making to improve results and avoid issues moving forward. Our team uses only the best available equipment in the industry for results that are second-to-none.

Aside from having excellent equipment, we also have a dedicated group of technicians with unquestionable skills. They will report to the property day after day in order to observe the progress of the drying process and measure important metrics like relative humidity. They will keep everything on track so that things can get back to normal as soon as possible.

The team will not pull out of the premises arbitrarily. We will adhere to strict standards set by the IICRC that define dryness to be at a certain level. We have special moisture detection equipment to measure the relevant data and prove that the standard has been achieved. Only then will the equipment be removed from the property. Completing the entire project is critical to complete odor removal. 

You should note that we are focused on St Lucie mold cleaning, we do not perform basement waterproofing, drywall repair or carpet cleaning services.  


Property damage due to water intrusion may require costly repairs. No property owner or manager wants to deal with this kind of stress. Our company understands your situation, so we keep our team ready for deployment any time you need them. Everything will be done to mitigate damage and provide peace of mind.

Our locally owned and operated mold removal and remediation company takes a scientific approach to mold removal services and process. We consider the temperature, humidity, and airflow inside the structure. Water-damaged buildings and materials can still be saved thanks to our highly skilled and experienced technicians. Do not hesitate to call us for expert advice and services.

It is important to call remediation specialists to address a potential mold infestation because it can pose a serious health risk to the elderly, the very young and to folks with a compromised immune system.  Take steps to keep your home or business safe.  Look out for skin irritation, difficulty breathing or long-lasting respiratory illnesses.

Recent Projects

We handle small and large remediation jobs including kitchen, bathrooms, closets, attics and whole house jobs.  Below you will see some of our reviews from previous home or business owners.  We are proud of these reviews and we look forward to providing you with a complete estimate, reliable service, and an overall positive experience so that you will feel compelled to leave us great reviews as well.


What People Say about Treasure Coast Mold Pros in Port St. Lucie

“I have already recommended that Olympus continue to use this company as one of their preferred restoration contractors.  The technician that performed the restoration process here could not have been better.  A+ for him.  Very people oriented and highly skilled.

Michael A., Port St Lucie

“Jake, Mario, and Antwone are some of the nicest young men and very professional and extremely kind ”

Erica T., PSL

“Extra neat, fast, friendly – Great Job!”

Keith C, Port Saint Lucie

Areas Served Near Port St. Lucie

We service the following communities in PSL:  Tradition, St. Lucie West, Torino, Southbend, Sandpiper Bay, Ballantrae, and Club Med Sandpiper Bay.  If you don’t see your area, give us a call.  We also travel to Hobe Sound, Hutchison Island, and Jensen Beach FL.


Mold Removal Company in PSL

For prompt, thorough remediation of your residential mold problem, call Treasure Coast Mold Pros.  We also handle commercial buildings, rental properties and rental houses in Hutchison Island, Jupiter, Hobe Sound and Jensen Beach FL.


Water Damage Company in PSL

When you have an overflow, backup or flood situation in your house, call Treasure Coast Mold Pros for fast dryout and restoration service.

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Port St. Lucie, Florida is also known as PSL.  It is the largest city in the Treasure Coast Region and is located in St. Lucie County along the east coast of Florida. It is roughly 120 square miles of Florida fun and sunshine and it enjoys mild winters and tropical climate.  With a population of over 165,000 residents and a per capita income of $23,945, it is a great place to call home.  It is home to several points of interest like the Port St Lucie Botanical Gardens, First Data Field and Oak Hammock Park.  We are proud to service all neighborhoods including Carlton, River Park, City Center, Eden, and White City.


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