Why Visit Vero Beach Florida

Going on vacation can be fun and a learning experience for you and your family. A visit to Vero Beach will provide you with both. Here are some of the best things to do in Vero Beach Florida with your family.

1. Relax on the beach

You are in Florida, the city is known for its amazing sandy beaches and warm climate. You can’t leave without spending time on the beach. Enjoy the warm weather and sun while lying on the beach. The beaches are perfect for a great swim as the waters are cool and clean.

2. McKee Botanical Garden

You can’t visit Vero Beach and not try to check out the amazing McKee botanical gardens that adorn the area. On the southern gateway, you get to see all the beautiful plants and flowers in the garden. Additionally, some streams flow around the garden producing bubbling sounds. Moreover, get to enjoy the shade from the palm trees around the garden.

3. Environmental Learning Museum

If you are an environmentalist, then this learning center will offer you a lot to learn. The center has many activities that you and your family can take part in and not get bored. You can take a canoe around the area and get to learn about aquatic wildlife. Furthermore, you can try the peaceful lagoon for a fantastic experience. The museum has an aquarium where you get to learn about the different aquatic lifestyle. Additionally, it has a beautiful garden that attracts all types of butterflies, and it is beautiful scenery to look at.

4. Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge

The pelican refuge is not only used as a reserve for the pelican but also it is used to preserve some other animals like the bottlenose dolphins and over 200 varieties of fish visit the refuge center. Additionally, the refuge serves as a reserve for some endangered species like the sea turtles which have to be taken care of so that they don’t become extinct. An important point to note is that you need to carry a mosquito repellent and a net when visiting the reserve as there are many mosquitoes in the area.

5. McLarty Treasure Museum

This is a family-friendly adventure that you and your kids can enjoy and get to learn a bit of Florida history. The McLarty treasure museum holds many stories with factual findings that will fascinate your kids and make them feel like some cool pirates on a treasure hunt. Enjoy seeing treasures on display from the Spanish ship that sank in 1715, and some of the treasures have re-discovered in the area.

Spend a fantastic time with your family and learn a lot from your visit. Take your family to the environmental reserve and wildlife reserve and let them learn the importance of taking care of animals, aquatic life and the environment.