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Our technicians are ready to help you recover from this unfortunate situation.  We have years of experience and the required training to get the work done quickly and correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Mold Removal Companies

Check out these questions and responses.  If you still need help, don’t hesitate to call.

Is my water damage covered by my insurance?

We can’t stress enough the importance of knowing what is in your insurance policy.  It will be critical to contact your insurance agent for clarification.  The best time to ask about your policy is before you experience a potential loss.

Can you start before the insurance company is involved?

It’s best to reach out to your insurance company first incase they have special requirements for documentation, pictures or a visit from an adjuster.

Do I have to use the contractor recommended by my insurance company?

You have the right to use the remediation specialist that you feel will complete the job and take care of your property.  The insurance company my strongly recommend a provider but you have the final choice.

I live in an apartment or I rent a house, can you still come out to inspect the property ?

It’s best to reach out to your landlord or property manager first so that they can contact us directly because they will have to approve any remediation work.  But we can certainly come out at your request to inspect the property and to let you know the circumstances of the situation so that you can communicate more effectively with your landlord.

How long will it take to dry out the property and to remove the mold?

Each situation is different but we make every effort to respond quickly to get the process started.  It is a process.  We have to examine the situation, extract water, dry the moisture and remove the contaminated materials.  Each step has industry standards and we adhere to them for your safety and the safety of our technicians.

What should I avoid while waiting on the technician to arrive?

Mold removal is not a DIY project.  You can stir up the spores and make the situation much worse in just a short time.  It is best to call us promptly and do not disturb the area where mold is suspected.  If possible, close off the room or bathroom and let our expert technicians handle it when they arrive.

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